All Round

With its stability and performance in different snow conditions, the Aventador is a versatile ski, as efficient as a swiss army knife. On piste it enters the turn fast and delivers incisive control. It’s easy to maneuver and can easily handle changes to the turn radius. It has great off-piste stability and confort thanks to good absorption on uneven terrain. It will appeal to a wide range of skiers.  


On Piste

Designed for experienced and demanding skiers, the Rafal is a precise, lively and explosive piste ski. Its tight turn radius makes short turns more comfortable and means it can carve on steep slopes with surgical precision. Its ultra-fast edge change complements its stability on the flat and recovery at the end of the turn. For advanced skiers who like to carve.

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Black Eagle / Birdy

(women’s and men’s) All Mountain

For skiers who love wide open spaces, the Black Eagle (men’s model) and Birdy (women’s model) are ideal for skiing anywhere on the mountain, on or off piste. Its intuitive and efficient performance means it is effective and enjoyable on groomed snow. Resistant and designed to perform in all snow conditions with excellent snow contact, it will give you the confidence to push your limits off piste. Advanced skiers will find it tolerant and forgiving, experts will appreciate its power and response.


Women’s All Round

The Rainbow is light under foot and performs well both on the piste and on different types of terrain. This is an adaptable and reliable ski, its strength comes from the pleasure and excitement that it brings the skier. Easy to handle, it also has real personality and punch, it will appeal to intermediate and expert skiers. 


Ski Touring

They are the result of months of work in the workshop and rigourous testing by guides on the mountain. Ranging from 1240g (168 cm) to 1330g (176 cm) this touring ski is lively on climbs but comfortable and stable on the way down. The contact with the snow and stability mean you can ski hard and fast. These skis give you staying power so your legs can handle those vertical metres.