I was a world cup competitor for 15 years, I’m passionate about skiing and involved in the technical development of skis.

I dreamed of well-dreamed and original skis…

Now you can choose your own ! 


This is the story of four passionate skiers on different trails; whose dreams converged towards the same ideal: to create a unique ski, which resembles themselves.

Cécile Magnin, an ex-racer and fine technician visited ski factories in all around the world to select the best molds and technology, and spent hours on snow for testing and fine tuning the latter. Her friend Carole Montillet (2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Downhill Champion) has soon joined her in this quest. Cécile has also engaged two aficionados in this adventure: Cem and Michel.

Cem who is an excellent skier and also an entrepreneur, invested in the marketing and finance side of this adventure with his body and soul. Michel on the other hand is a carpenter, a fan of wood, and esthete. He envisages combining his two passions, ski and wood, in order to sublimate each and every pair of skis like a work of art.

These four personalities complement one another, and are driven by the same momentum. They do not expect anyone but you, in order to create a new ski: yours.


Cécile Magnin

Ski instructor, coach

Cécile Magnin is an ex-racer, and has been working as a ski instructor in ESF for more than two decades. She also coaches young racers. She is very knowledgeable about the needs of the clients regarding skis, and she has long been involved in the development of materials together with her different partners.

As she is a fine technician she is concentrating on the perfect adjustment of each and every one of our skis.